grid movement and runtime snapping

Well, I just sent my second submission. There are three examples included, one showcasing grid-based movement, one showcasing how to place objects on a grid during gameplay and the lights-out game mentioned below. i also made tutorial videos for the first two, showcasing how you can accomplish these tasks in a simple manner on your own:


a quick update

I have been contacted by an Asset Store admin, who recommends me to include a demo scene so users could see an end setup. I thought dragging a script onto an object is pretty straight-forward, but I agree, a demo scene would be a really good idea. The tricky party is coming up with good ideas; don't get me wrong, I have plenty of ideas for actual gameplay examples, but for a demo scene I need something more basic and at the same time more catchy. I already made a little sphere that randomly roams a grid face by face, stays within limits and immediately adapts to changes in the grid, all with just 32 lines of code total (not counting whitespaces and comments). I'll come up with two or three more nice demos, that should give a good impression of Grid Framework  in action.


Almost there...

Well, it's alsmost done. Again. Turns out that making an asset is only half the job, you still need to hammer out any ugly dents, polish the thing and then change your job to become a graphic designer, a video commentator, a writer and a salesman! What good is the best asset if you present it in such a way that makes people not even want to take a look? I'm not claiming that I'm an expert in any of those fields, but I believe I did a pretty good job (well, maybe my voice work for the video could use some improvements). In a way I'm glad the old "images" I had prepared for the first version are now lost forever, that was something to turn people away forever. You cannot imagine how awful those looked.

Anyway, I finished the videos, I made the drawings for the asset store and I wrote the documentation. The only things left now are uploading the videos (which will take quite a while with my connection), writing a description text for the asset store (shouldn't be too much, so it won't take too long) and then sending the files over to Unity. In the meantime, please enjoy a small teaser:

Unfortunately clicking this won't do anything. Yet.