How to extend Grid Framework with your own methods

Let's say you just bought Grid Framework, wrote some game logic and now you want to reuse it. Wouldn't it be great if it was a class method in Grid Framework so you could simply call it with one line of code? Even better, what if you could have one method that has the same syntax for both rectangular and hexagonal grids but different implementation based on the type of grid, so you would have to write just one script for any type of grid? Luckily this is no problem in Unity thanks to extension methods and if you have the code, then wrapping it up into an extension method can de done in a few minutes. Take a look at my latest video tutorial:
Extension methods are only available in C#, but once you've written the method you can use it in any of Unity's scripting languages. Aside from keeping your code cleaner, extension methods have the advantage that if you need to make adjustments to your game logic you only need to do it in one place and every call of the method benefits from it.


Hex Grid introduction video

I made a short video giving you an overview of hex grids, so you can see them right in action. I'll make a video on how to extend Grid Framework with your own methods yourself next,


Grid Framework version 1.2.0 released

The wait is over, version 1.2.0 is out, bringing you the long promised hex grids. I'll soon make a video demonstrating the new grid, in the meantime let me explain it in words. My implementation brings you all the features you knew from rectangular grids, except on a hex grid, and both grids inherit from the same base class. This means the API for both is the same and you can write one script for both grids with little to no need to make special adjustments for differentgrid classes. Currently there is only one coordinate system and hex grids have "only" as much functionality as rectangular grids. I whish to improve upon this in the future.

Phew, this has really exhaused me. Often times I was wondering what I had gotten myself into and it was not uncommon for me to work beyond midnight, pondering above pencil-drawings, deriving formulae and thinking how to make everything work nice. The last stretch has been especially tiresome, getting the computer to do something is one thing, but then you start putting together the manual and you notice that the way it *how* it works doesn't feel right. It's those little thing no one notices when they are done right but everyone notices them when they are done wrong. What kept me pushing forward are you guys and your support. Many of you are silent, and that's fine, but I know you are there. Thank you.

Grid Framework version 1.2.0 submitted

Just a quick update, version 1.2.0 has been submitted. This is your last chance to buy the package for 15$, once it has been approved the price will be raised to 20$.