How to extend Grid Framework with your own methods

Let's say you just bought Grid Framework, wrote some game logic and now you want to reuse it. Wouldn't it be great if it was a class method in Grid Framework so you could simply call it with one line of code? Even better, what if you could have one method that has the same syntax for both rectangular and hexagonal grids but different implementation based on the type of grid, so you would have to write just one script for any type of grid? Luckily this is no problem in Unity thanks to extension methods and if you have the code, then wrapping it up into an extension method can de done in a few minutes. Take a look at my latest video tutorial:
Extension methods are only available in C#, but once you've written the method you can use it in any of Unity's scripting languages. Aside from keeping your code cleaner, extension methods have the advantage that if you need to make adjustments to your game logic you only need to do it in one place and every call of the method benefits from it.