Grid Framework version 1.8.0 released

Version 1.8.0 of Grid Framework has been approved by the Asset Store team. This release introduces a new rendering shape for hex grid: the circle. Of course, like with polar grids, just because it's called a circle that does not mean you are limited to just circles, you can decide on the start and end "angle" or have a hole in the centre to create a ring.
The shape can be drawn around any hex, not just the origin. Here is the full changelog:
Introducing a new rendering shape for hex grids.
  • New: Hex grids can render in a circular shape.
  • New: `renderAround` property on hex grids for the new shape.
  • Fixed: Size and rendering range not showing up properly in the inspector.


Grid Framework version 1.7.4 released

Grid Framework version 1.7.4 has been approved by the Asset Store team. This release brings official support for Unity 5, so feel free to upgrade. Unity 4 is still supported, thanks to the changes to the Asset Store I can now upload separate packages for different versions of Unity.

There are no API changes, so it doesn't matter whether you want to use Unity 4 or 5. The only real difference between packages are the example scenes. The formats Unity 5 uses are different from 4, so a package created in Unity 5 would appear broken in 4.