State of the Game

It has been over a month since I posted the introductory video and sent my application to Unity. I never received any confirmation, so I assume it got lost somewhere along the way...
Anyway, that doesn't mean I have been sitting here for over a month staring at the screen and refreshing my mail. I started working on this project because I needed a simple solution for one certain problem, that's how I started working and over time more and more ideas came to my mind. It was clear that I would need a complete rewrite sooner or later, so I decided to release a simple version first and then start the rewrite instead of throwing everything up to that point out the window.

When I sent my submission to Unity I was done with the old concept and started working on the new, more robust concept that would allow for far more features to be implemented cleanly. This meant switching to C# (since some things just aren't possible in UnityScript) and diving deeper into the documentation than ever before. I like the results. I set myself a few goals and so far I have achieved most of them. This includes:

  • grids as components instead of plain classes
  • fully support 3D grids and rotation
  • functions to find vertices, faces and boxes with just one line of code
  • a nice panel for aligning and scaling instead of that dirty workaround
  • switch between grid coordinates and world coordinates (and vice-versa) with just one line of code
  • every kind of grid (quare grid, hex grid, triangular grid) inherits from one common Grid class
Most work has been done under the hood to keep the code clean. It's easy to insert a new feature into clean code where I can leverage already existing methods instead of having to write the same thing several times (copy-pasting chunks of code is an awful idea!).
The one thing that still needs a good look are the methods related to the vertex matrix, it's one of those things that are easy to break if you aren't careful.

That said, once it's done the (hopefully now) first release would be ready to ship. I'd also have to rewrite the entire documentation and draw new logos for the Asset Store (in a way I'm glad my first submission got lost, those "drawings" were just aweful)
The fist release would only cover rectangular grids with hex grids added next, then finally triangular grids. I haven't started implementing them, but I have already done the math and I know how to do it, I just need to finish this first. The one last thing I can think of is grid pathfinding, but I won't even waste a thought on that until I get the other stuff done.