Cannot log into my account

I've written two new examples, one that takes a plain text file and parses it to create a breakout-style level based on a grid without changing the scene, the other is a continuation of my grid-based movement exmple where I can place obstacles on the grid and the sphere will not step on those squares (without using any physics like collision and raycasts). Sadly I can't update Grid Framework because I can't log into my account via Package Manager. My account still works, I can log into the forums and my Publisher Administration, so the problem must lie within the editor. I've submitted a bug report, but until then I cannot publish updates. If you are interested in one of those two examples please contact me over the Unity forums and I'll send you the examples, provided that you already own Grid Framework. On a related note, it appears that Grid Framework's product page in the Asset Store doesn't have any screenshots. I did submit screenshots, but they don't appear for me, I don't know if other people can't see them either.