Grid Framework version 1.1.10 released

The 1.1.10 update brings in a new function, ScaleVector3(Vector scl) : Vector3 which takes in a vector and then scales it so it fits inside the grid. This is similar to AlignVector3, which was introduced in the last update, to allow performing the aligning and scaling without having to provide an actual Transform.

In other news, the hex grids are almost done. All the functionality has been written, now I need to clean everything up and write the documentation. Hex grids will be officially introduced in the 1.2.0 update, which I expect to release within the next week or, if something goes wrong, the week after. Unfortunately, due to all the work I have put into Grid Framework since the first release I cannot charge 15$ anymore, starting with 1.2.0 the price will be raised to 20$, so if you want a copy of Grid Framework, now is the time to get it. When I originally released Grid Framework there were still many loose ends and it was not integrated well into the workflow. When you downloaded it from the Asset Store you had to move files manually in place, there were no menu entries, you had to drag a script manually onto objects, there was no custom inspector panel, there was no rendering, no Vectrosity support and less examples included. Over the time I have been adressing all these shortcomings and improving, but none on its own felt like they were justifying a price increase. With hex grids I'm bringing in a major functionality update and I believe the 20$ price tag is still well justified. Of course anyone who has already purchased Grid Framework will get this and all future updates for free, that was the deal when I first launched it and nothing is going to change about that.