Grid Framework version 1.3.5 released

Grid Framework version 1.3.5 has been approved last week, here is the changelog:

  • Added a new event for when the grid changes in such a way that if would need to be redrawn.
  • Some of the exmples were broken when Unity updated to version 4.3, now they should be working again.
  • Overhauled the undo system for the grid align panel to remove the now obsolete Unity undo methods.

I promised I would be working on Playmaker support, so what's going on here? I have been bogged down a lot with studies and real life stuff oder the last months (nothing bad though, don't worry), so things were going slowly, but they were moving. The current problem is Playmaker itself; from what I have used it is a fantastic system to crate game logic and totally worth it, however, when it comes to extending it things aren't that nice anymore.

I am in contact with a staff member who is helping me out, so I'm not entirely reliant on the lackluster documentation, but there is a lot of ugly code redundancy that cannot be avoided. I'm still working on it and it will come out eventually, but it will take more time. How much? I don't really know, it depends on how rigid or flexible Playmaker turns out to be.