Grid Framework version 1.5.0 released

Grid Framework version 1.5.0 has been approved by the Asset Store team. This version brings a great new feature for anyone interested in making isometric 2D games: shearing. Shearing allows you to slant a rectangular grid's axes without having to rotate the grid. Up until now the only way to achieve the isometric look was to rotate the grid or the camera in 3D space, but in 2D games the camera has to be perpendicular to the image plane and thus the grid as well. Now all you need to do is just set the shearing of the axes and you're good to go, everything else stays the way it was.

The shearing is stored in a new type called Vector6 that works very much like Unity's own Vector3. The Vector6 class resides in the new GridFramework.Vectors name space to prevent name collision with other custom types or a possible future official Vector6 type from Unity.

the GFBoolVector3 and GFColorVector3 classes have also been moved to that namespace and had their "GF" prefix stripped away. If you used them in your own scripts strip away the prefix and place a using directive at the start of your script, otherwise you have to do nothing.

Here is the full change log:
Introducing shearing for rectangular grids.

  • New: Rectangular grids can now store a `shearing` field to distort them.
  • New: Custom `Vector6` class for storing the shearing.
  • API change: The odd herringbone coordinate system has been renamed to upwards herringbone. The corresponding methods use the `HerringU` pre- or suffix instead of `HerringOdd`; the old methods still work but are marked as depracated.
  • API change: The enumeration `GFAngleMode` has been renamed `AngleMode` and moved into the `GridFramework` namespace.
  • API change: The enumeration `GridPlane` has been moved into the `GridFramework` namespace. It is no longer part of the `GFGrid` class.
  • API change: The class `GFColorVector3` has been renamed `ColorVector3` and moved into the `GridFramework.Vectors` namespace.
  • API change: The class `GFBoolVector3` has been renamed `BoolVector3` and moved into the `GridFramework.Vectors` namespace.
  • Enhanced: Vectrosity methods without parameters can now pick betweem size and custom range automatically.
  • Fixed: Vectrosity methods were broken in previous version.
  • Updated the documentation.