a new inspector

Well, I wanted to do this sooner or later anyway, so I made a custom editor for the rectangluar grid. Before this I was using the default inspector panel:
So, why am I doing GUI stuff if I'm supposed to work on the rendering? Well, as I said I need to clean up the code, which involves looping through two custom classes of mine, ColorVector3 and BoolVector3. If you used Vector3 you know you can access values using something like myVector.x, but you can also use an index instead: myVector[0]
I wanted to have both in my two classes so I could loop through them in one go rather than write a special case for each entry and provide an intuitive syntax for users. The solution was using an indexer, setters and getters. They all work fine in code, but I cannot get getters and setter to display in the inspector and manipulating the entries directly could break things. The solution was writing my own inspector from scratch.
Aside from now being able to provide a safe and clean way to set colors and toggle axes the new inspector looks cleaner and the attributes are sorted in a way that makes more sense, rather than the way the class is built. I'm still not satisfied with some parts, the axis colours don't have labels and the the hide axis flags should be on the same line, like the Vector3 field. However, if I force them on one line or add labels to the coulour flieds the space for the labels is so large that the controls start overlapping, so it looks even worse than before.

Anyway, it does look better now and gives me the code improvements I need for clean rendering, so all in all it's a success.