grid rendering progress

Take a look at this:
What's so special? Look at the upper right corner, gizmos are turned off. This is a grid rendered at runtime that would be visible in a released game. There are still some things to care take of first: For one, the grid needs to get rendered every frame, which is not a big deal when using the GL class, but a Vectrosity-like approach where a mesh is built only once and then drawn once until it updates would be pretty neat. Also, the GL class doesn't let you set the width of lines, I could draw quads instead, but those are only thick if you look directly at them, otherwise they get thinner until they become invisble (in other words, they are flat). Lines are always the same, no matter the angle or distance, which could be exactly what you want or not. Maybe I could include some way for users to use Vectrosity easily if they have a license? In any case, I need to finish this first. The code is still very messy, being in large parts copy-pasted from the drawing code (which was kind of messy itself) and copy-pasting code is a sure way to have your project explode right in your face. I'll need to write a method to return a nice list of points that both drawing and rendering can use.